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About Us

About Us

Locally grown, organic and humane, proteins, produce, retail goods, and pet food are the main features of Gentle Harvest. Through the parent organization, Ayrshire Farm, Gentle Harvest arrives with experience as both a wholesaler and retailer. Our goal is to be the premium destination for convenient, ready-to-eat foods as a health-conscious alternative to current “fast food” options along major highway corridors. In addition, we strive to foster the regeneration of rural, agricultural communities near each Gentle Harvest location, providing ready markets and processing for local farmers and the ability to offer a venue for the sales of rural crafts and products. Special orders always welcome!

Our Mission 

We use organic, local and non-GMO meats and produce wherever possible in preparing the dishes on our menu. It is our mission to offer the finest, freshest, and most wholesome ingredients available from field and stream. Certified Humane®, organic farming and insisting on responsible fishing practices are our and your way of doing something positive for our farmers, our families, and our environment. We appreciate your choice in participating in this important mission and thank you for choosing our hand-made and carefully selected products.

Labels You Can Trust  

 USDA Organic 
The USDA Organic seal or "bug," when placed on a label or product, means that every possible effort has been made to ensure that the product is without added pesticide, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, or irradiation. The USDA Organic Seal is a statement as to the safety of the product to be consumed as well as the conservation and sustainability of the soil and biosphere in which the product was raised.

 Non-GMO Project Verified
A third-party inspection and certification that assures that agricultural products are raised and/or produced without Genetically Modified or Engineered seeds or feeds. While the NOP does not permit the use of known GMO substances in food that is labeled as Organic, the natural process of pollination, wind, and rain can cause an organic crop to be contaminated. Non- GMO Project Verified assures by means of elaborate and thorough testing that products, especially those that contain highly suspect ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy, do not contain GMO's.

 Certified Humane
An inspection-based certification program developed by a panel of respected animal scientists and recognized by the USDA, ASPCA and HSUS. This distinction assures the consumer that the animal has been raised in a healthful and low-stress environment necessary for a good quality of life.

 Virginia's Finest
The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) introduced the Virginia's Finest® Trademark Program to enhance the economic opportunities and success of Virginia's specialty food companies, processors and agriculture producers. The classic Virginia's Finest® trademark identifies, differentiates and promotes top-quality Virginia agriculture and specialty food and beverage products. Buyers and consumers have grown to recognize the blue and red "VA check mark" logo and know they are purchasing top quality Virginia - produced and processed products. Food Alliance Certified sustainable agriculture certifier with comprehensive standards and criteria for a wide range of products including fruit, vegetables, grains, livestock, eggs, dairy, shellfish, mushrooms, legumes, horticulture products, and products made from Food Alliance Certified ingredients. Food Alliance also takes into consideration the environment, employee and human resources, and requires growth in their standards by the certified party from year-to-year in order to maintain certification.